The Sun City Hotel & Casino

Sun City is an oasis of luxury and relaxation next to the bushveld of the North-West Province
and one of South Africa’s favourite holiday and tourist destinations.
You will find everything you need to know about accommodation at Sun City’s hotels on our site.


Choose between four Sun City hotels, each catering to a different crowd, but still close to all the entertainment you can imagine. You will find all kinds of water sport at Waterworld on the man-made lake, The Valley of the Waves wave pool, the Sun City Hotel Casino, an animal farm and Kamp Kwena for the kids, two golf courses, lots of opportunities for shopping and dining, spas and so much more. Explore this site at the Sun City Site Overview.

Booking Your Stay at Sun City

Choose any hotel from the list below. You can click through to read more about the activities, dining and rooms in each hotel or go to a different hotel’s page from there until you find one that you like. From there you can click on rates and bookings to see the prices of the rooms. To see if the rooms you are interested in are available, send us your information after clicking on check availability. We will reply with a quote as rates change so it is worth contacting us to find out about specials on Sun City accommodation as it can be less than the rates on our rates pages.

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